Eccenca, the commercial SMILA platform says hello to Aperture

Although it is old news, it is good news anyway: last year I joined the Eclipse Foundation to improve our support for SMILA, and we have also done a lot in Aperture to help the SMILA project.

Now there is also the Eccenca foundation, the commercial platform where SMILA based products can be sold and bought. It is run by Brox and will be a one-stop “shopping mall” for both buyers and sellers of semantic services based on SMILA. Although not much is public, I know from presentations that they are on the topic – if you are interested, contact them.

Helge Brzoska posted a nice “thanks to Leo” mail on his eccenca blog, so I love to link to it. They also say a big thanks to Aduna, our excellent partners for Aperture:
Now that the license of Aperture is definitely not an issue any more, we can accelerate the IP process dramatically.

On behalf of the whole SMILA-Team and brox: Thanks also to the known folks at Aduna, the other major contributors of Aperture Project for teaming up in such a great manner and helping out with this major issue for SMILAs IP-Process.

Besides the obvious self-gratulation of this post, I hope it helps you, dear reader, to stay up to date about what happens in the topic of commercial semantic services.