Ted Nelson publishes history book

Ted Nelson, inventor of hypertext and visionary in computer science publishes a book.


In his self-published new book, “Geeks Bearing Gifts: How the Computer World Got This Way” (available on lulu.com), Mr. Nelson, 71, takes stock of the computing world. The look back by this forward-thinking man is not without its bitterness. The Web, after all, can be seen as a bastardization of his original notion that hyperlinks should point both forward and backward.

controversy! going to press that “buy” button now:

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  1. Wow, once you bought it on Lulu.com, you get a mail from Ted Nelson! This is personalized marketing, respect:

    Thank you for buying *Geeks Bearing Gifts*. I’ve tried to share with you the excitement, tension and vividness of the computer past that got us here. There’s material in the book to confirm every point of view, pro or anti- (Unicode, Unix, Macintosh, Windows, the Web—you name it).

    How about your friends, family and colleagues? Would they like it? Would they benefit? Would they go apoplectic? Consider the pros and cons. Your boss? Careful now. But who knows? He or she might learn something that would help your project over the next hurdle.

    FOR THE NEXT EDITION: If you have interesting anecdotes, special knowledge or suggestions, please send them to me at (email-address-of-ted-nelson-removed-here). I won’t be checking this address every day, you understand, but perhaps you can help me open even further the treasures of the past—and build a better future.

    Ted Nelson

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