SMILA has new partners Attensity and Living-E

The open source initiative SMILA (SeMantic Information Logistics Architecture), which bring semantic search to enterprises, has two new members.
US-based Attensity and German based living-a AG are now joining the Eclipse-hosted SMILA community.

We made an official press release, you find that the news agencies picked it up:

This is good news! We need a standards-based, open-source solution for enterprise indexing and semantic search, in fact – many companies are interested to use this. This also shows DFKI‘s own early involvement into SMILA was the right step, and that brox and empolis are excellent partners. If you are interested to join, read the SMILA wikipage about contributions, or hit the mailinglist.

p.s: and we welcome also the two companies as new Aperture users, which is part of SMILA 🙂