Move in Aperture Management from Leo Sauermann to Christian Reuschling

Open Letter to Aperturians and SMILAns is a great project and DFKI has a lot of interest in it, we are using
Aperture both in and
As I will be starting a business based on the Semantic Desktop soon,
I will step back from my position as DFKI representative of Aperture.

We talked about the transition process within the Aperture Administration team
and within DFKI and found that Christian Reuschling is the right person
to take over. Christian is a senior developer at DFKI developer and
the DynaQ project,which uses Aperture underneath
Christian’s homepage:

Please take this chance to welcome him!

As “DFKI representative for Aperture”, Christian is

  • the DFKI contact person for Aduna and other companies regarding Aperture
  • a key person in Aperture architecture discussions
  • directing the ongoing engagement of DFKI in Aperture

He is also an experienced Aperture user, and generally an excellent programmer and friend.
Christian was also at the SMILA presentation at Empolis on 3.2.09
and met the SMILA management team.

Myself, I will stay a project member and commit code from
time to time, and answer mails, but the authority to manage the Project
from the DFKI side is now at Christian.
I am currently working on establishing a company to help people remember
facts, based on the semantic desktop and aperture results, watch out for updates in the coming year.


p.s. Aperture rocks, it is a good tool that is helping us to bootstrap the semantic web,
>10k downloaders can’t be wrong.