Our Great Escape from Kaiserslautern

Thats it! We escape from Kaiserslautern. On Saturday, 20th June 2009 we celebrated our last night-out in Kaiserslautern. We leave for good, we leave for Vienna.

pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/leobard/sets/72157620153553827/

Thanks to all the people who joined Ingrid and me at the party. Michael and Gunnar and Martin cooked an excellent mix of curries, pakoras, and other dishes. Henning and Maria brought icecream, Sebastian another dessert. Dominik and Nora brought salads, Jochen a nice tapas “rolled bacon with dates”. And more. Everyone enjoyed eating the resulting menu.

Hm, essen
Hm, Essen

I decorated and rearranged the flat a bit to accomodate more people and have a nice look.
Dominik und Nora
at the Balcony

As surprise cultural event, I decided to put up a street-bar. At 23:00 about half of the partygoers went down to the street and built a bar from 10 banana boxes (we have 70 of them around here for moving). On the bar we had chips, wine, and spirits.

Strassenbar aufbau

It attracted the right people

That went really well, later on we put down the bar again and went to fruchthalle to watch some tango dancing and other things.
coming up: Tango

That got boring after a while and we got a tip from someone performing that the Urban Biwak should be nice, so we went on:
Urban Biwak vom Kulturkollektiv

At this time, things get a bit blurry and not all stories must be told…
Gruppe Kunst

It all ended classically in Gusto, with a hard group of Gunnar, Max, Rinne, and me.
Max and Gunnar

Thanks to everyone for making this the great escape, it couldn’t have been better. I will miss you guys! See you in Vienna.