CD selling service

In February 2010, I wanted to get rid of a stack of CDs I will never listen to again. Such precious music as “The Eraser” by Thom Yorke. I don’t listen to it anymore, and will probably never, but I don’t bother putting them on ebay or on a fleamarket. So, CD and Book reselling services come to the rescue.

I checked out a few, such as and and collected some articles and links about CD selling in Germany and Austria on delicious. After reading some good reviews about Momox, and checking that they pay “ok” for the stuff, I sent a pack of 14 CDs worth eur 16,43 (accordingt to them) to Momox, and – alas – some days later the 16,43 plus some money for sending them via post landed on my bank account.

So, I can recommend momox!