I blog on my own now

From now on, you find my posts in this blog I now host on my private page:

I have written a blog on http://leobard.twoday.net from 2004-03-26 to 2016-10-26, when I stopped blogging here. I want to keep the posts here for the record, but also I want to move to a self-hosted blog.

I will continue blogging here on a self-hosted wordpress on my private page leobard.net.

  • It feels better for me to be able to have a copy of my blogposts I have written for years in a wordpress I host myself.
  • I want to keep my blog my whole life.
  • I want to keep publishing new stuff in it, in new formats.
  • I think its important to have ownership on your own blog.
  • I also think it is important for the free/wester/democratic world to work to have independent publishers using their own platforms to host information. Facebook is sucking too much into it, I want to have my foot both in the walled gardens of corporate controlled social networks and on the wild wild web. Here I could publish pictures of nudies and alternative political views… freedom!
  • I want to publish small facts in the form of linked data. This freedom is also not possible on twoday. This is my small contribution to a global semantic web, even I do not work in this area any more.

Many modern blogging things are not possible on twoday. Like publishing linked data. Or writing plugins. Or changing the theme. Or having a cool app. I know WordPress since it began, and I am using it professionally at work at the route planning software portatour blog.

So I wrote a script to convert the export from twoday to wordpress: https://github.com/leobard/twoday-to-wordpress

(see my previous post).

Twoday is an austrian blogging platform running since 2003 and still active. It is powered by helma/antville.http://twoday.net/

Twoday is provided by knallgrau (now called http://www.virtual-identity.com/, but I ignore this change for now as they also didn’t bother changing their name on twoday). knallgrau, and knallgrau people and ex-knallgrau people did some amazing stuff besides twoday and I say: thanks to knallgrau for helping me to start blogging! Thanks for hosting my blog.