Back on Martinique

We were on a sailtrip for the last two weeks, offline from the … how do you call it… web?

Two weeks of looking at palm islands in the carribean, it was truly nice. Sunday evening I will be home again and show pictures, the Mangobay bar here has creepy slow internet.

See you in two weeks, I am on the beach

Announcement: I will be on holiday, sailing in the Carribean, for the next two weeks. I will be back at around 13th February. Leo Sauermann will not answer your e-mails, phone calls or anything else, I will be offline.

We are sailing on a big catamaran, starting in Martinique and then, who knows where the wind brings us. Its ten people on a boat, and I think we will have a lot of things to do, like drinking beer and getting a sun tan.

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