The Flower at Burningman 2006

I wondered alot about the flower that I saw this year at the burning man festival.


The flower itself has a strong emotional power, wherever it goes, it strikes your heart. Through the flicker group “the flower” I got contact to the do lab people, and asked them via mail a few more things about it, here is more information about the flower. This text is taken from an e-mail and mashed by me with a few links and pics:

About the flower: the major groups that worked on it are the do lab, and abundant sugar’s Patrick Shearn was the one who originally had the concept. These are both Los angeles artist collectives.

2006 Burning Man 096

Originally uploaded by Christine P.

After someone from Lexus saw the flower at burningman ’05, the do lab was hired to bring it out to Chicago for a few days for them. The visit of the flowers to Chicago is documented on the do lab’s homepage:

flower in chicago

But the work of creating the flowers for the playa was, indeed, done by a lot of dedicated and inspired people from the Los Angeles burningman community (editor: as you can find on the flower tribe from LA on They have brought the flower(s) to burningman for two years, and by the second we were awarded a grant from BMOrg, to help cover some of the costs, but the first year’s creation, and even a great deal of 2006 (as there was twice the work with two flowers) was donated, fundraised, and loaned by the people invovled in its creation, and from a lot of incredibly gracious members of the community who wanted to see this vision come to life on the playa.

flower flower at exodus

This community brought it to burningman all in pieces, and put it together there. The whole process of setup and breakdown kept them in the desert for 17 days, and in terms of pre-production and prep work, is a project that’s spread out over the whole year.

As a burner, I can only say: blessed be the flowers and the do lab.