Schöpfungsmythos und Gott

Im Hauskreis bei uns in der machen wir am 29.11.2004 das Thema Evolution durch. Also den Christlichen Schöpfungsmythos und den Bezug zur Wissenschaft.

Punkte die ich herausarbeiten möchte:

  • Grundaussage von “The Origin of Species”. Mutation, Selektion.
  • Schöpfergott? Ja, gottes wille schafft oder nein, es ist zufalll
  • Bibel Interpretation nach der Bedeutung für unser heutiges Leben? Ja, das ist christlich, Nein, das galt nur für die Leute damals
  • Bibel Interpretation wörtlich nach dem Wortlaut? Ja, jedes Wort ist genauso wie gott diktiert hat und ist wörtlich zu interpretieren. Nein, die Überlieferung ist fehlerhaft, der Text muss auf Entstehung und theologische Aussagen ausgelegt werden.
  • Bibel Interpretation im historischen Kontext-auf welche anderen Schöpfungsmythen (und Grosse-Flut Mythen) bezieht sich Genesis und will ich das wahrhaben?
  • Evolution als Wissenschaft? Ja, Selektion und Mutation. Nein, Gott erzeugte alle Grundarten
  • Evolution als Religion? Ja, man kann aus der Evolutionstherie ethische Werte ableiten. Nein, ethische Werte werden durch Gott und Gesellschaft gegeben.
  • Theistische Evolution – schuf Gott durch Evolution? Ja, Gott steckt hinter all dem. Nein, wer diese dinge verbinden will ist ein Sünder.

Hier eine Linksammlung: – Institute for Creation Research, sammelt kreationistische Forschungsergebnisse – Sammlung von häufig gestellten Fragen zum Thema, aus der Wissenschaftlichen Seite (gut recherchiert, aber ohne theistischen Hintergrund)

Origin Myths – Artikel über Schöpfungsmythen im allgemeinen

Papst Johannes Paul II über Evolution

Das chaldäische volk kennt auch eine Überschwemmung und einen Noah, nur heisst der anders:

The deluge, according to the Chaldean epic, was due to the judgment of the gods Anu, Bel, and Ninip, and Ea told the “man of Surripak”, Samas-Napiati (the living sun), to build a ship to preserve plants and living beings; it was to be 600 cubits long, and 60 broad and high. Numerous details of the building and construction are given; and Xisuthrus with his people, and animals, and plants, and food had entered the ship, “the waters of dawn arose at daybreak, a black cloud from the horizon of heaven. Rimmon in the midst of it thundered, and Nebo and the wind-god went in front.” The earth was covered, and all living things destroyed. Even the gods were afraid at the whirlwind,and took refuge in the heaven of Anu. After six days and nights the storm abated, and the rain ceased, and the wind and deluge ended. “I watched the sea making a noise, and the whole of mankind were turned to clay, like reeds the corpses floated…In the country of Nizir (east of Assyria) rested the ship; the mountain of Nizir stopped the ship,and to pass over it it was not able…On the seventh day I sent forth a dove, and it left. The dove went, it returned, and a resting-place it did not find, and it came back.” Later a raven was sent forth, and it did not return. Then the ship was opened, the animals came forth, sacrifice was offered to the gods, and Xisuthrus became the father of Izdubar, himself being later translated to live as a god. We cannot attempt a detailed comparison of the Chaldean and Noachian floods, for which reference must be made to Professor Sayce’s edition of Mr. Smith’s “Chaldean Account of Genesis”; but we may remark that this deluge narrative, perhaps more than anything else, shows how closely the narratives in Genesis are related to Chaldean traditions or sources of information.


being reviewed

Here at the my life as a scientist begins.

A new experience for me is being reviewed. I posted some papers to the IOA 2005,
Reviewing means that other scientists read the work I am going to present at the conference and say if the work is ok or not.

Its funny to have people that are experts in my topic to read my papers. Expecially when they are forced to read my paper. Hehe, I like conferences.

I will eat cookies while reading the review results….


ingrid und ich haben gerade die insignien der Freizeit am kamin attachiert. sehr fein geworden.

Kaminverzierung in der neuen Heimat. Hübsch gemacht.


die Aufhängung besteht aus zweckentfremdeten Kleinteilen einer Vorhangstange vom Hornbach.

nebenbei hören wir die ganze zeit den Soundtrack von Udo77.


a new ?game?

“Welcome to the world of Ghyll. The basic idea is that each player takes on the role of a scholar, from before scholarly pursuits became professionalized (or possibly after they ceased to be). You are cranky, opinionated, prejudiced, and eccentric. You are also collaborating with a number of your peers — the other players — on the construction of an encyclopedia about Ghyll.

Despite the fact that your peers are self-important, narrow-minded dunderheads, they are honest scholars. No matter how strained their interpretations are, their facts are accurate as historical research can make them. So if you cite an entry, you have to treat its factual content as true! (Though you can argue vociferously with the interpretation and introduce new facts that shade the interpretation.) “

hm, sounds like scientific progress goes “boink” 😉

cars parking in front of my office

hm, some ill-inspired freak who has probably seen parked his or her red sports car in front of my office door.

danm, we are hacking till 23:59 and then this?!



it was not easy to climb over this thing. don’t know how they did it anyhow, but those who code all day don’t care…