Abnehmen durch Fasten, Energie aus dem Fettzellen-Akku

Meine Fettzellen sind meine Batterien, sie speichern Energie in Form von Übergewicht. Wenn ich ein paar Tage oder Wochen nichts esse, also faste, verbrenne ich die Energie und nehme ab. Ich beschreibe hier meine eigene Erfahrung damit, etwa war ich dieses Jahr nach 9 Tagen “wenig Essen” 3kg leichter. Eine einfache Tatsache, aber wenn ich auf Google nach “Abnehmen”, “Fasten”, oder “Gewicht verlieren” suche, finde ich nur Werbung. Darum ein Blogpost in dem ich meine Erfahrung aufschreibe.

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Personal Linked Data, Personal Knowledge Graph

What we need is a personal app that allows us to link our own data. An app where I can link projects to related appointments, people, things, documents/files, and notes. And all of these with each other. And tag everything.

It could be easy to build it on top of NextCloud or on top of Google Documents. It could be done based on my work about the “Semantic Desktop” or “NEPOMUK“.  The concepts I developed back then would still apply today. And all the research others and I did in the wake of NEPOMK would also still apply.

I would call it “Personal Linked Data” or “Personal Knowledge Graph”. Not even TimBl himself calls it “Semantic Web” these days, but rather “Linked Data”.

And to illustrate that blogpost here, I take the cover of my phd. Lookit, its SVG:

A pastor on the playa? (or “Why I Go To Burning Man”)

Randy Bohlender wrote a text in 2003 about why he goes to Burning Man. At the time, he was Pastor at a Vineyard Church in Cincinnaty. People following Jesus and Burners mix well together, in my experience. I joined the Vineyard Church in Austria and started following Jesus in 2001. I went to Burning Man 2006 and 2010. I am co-organizing Burns since then. Like Randy, I believe that a person with a christian faith can contribute something positive at a Burn. I believe that Jesus’ teachings are relevant today. When I read his text A pastor on the playa? (or “Why I Go To Burning Man”), I found he nailed it: his reasons are right, his argumentation is right. In his shoes, I would do the same.

I copy his article on my personal blog here to replicate the ideas to my readers, and to “have a backup copy”, should the original go away.  The following is a 1:1 copy from the text published by Randy on 26.8.2003 here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/970767/posts Continue reading “A pastor on the playa? (or “Why I Go To Burning Man”)”

Barefoot College

I am impressed by “barefoot college“, where women from rural areas learn how to build solar systems. Women, who often cant read, get 6 months of hands-on-training in setup and maintenance of solar systems. They learn skills nobody in their village has, their men respect them, their children see them as inspiration. The college has Ghandi’s principles as basis. Via technology review Germany., Foto: Dieter Telemans/ Panos Pictures/ Visum


Pentland Firth Underwater Turbine Tidal Green Energy Plant

The search for green energy sources motivates people to create genious solutions. Checkout the Pentland Firth sea turbine tidal power plant in construction by MeyGen.

I am happy to know that there is an effort happening to harvest this energy source.

I call it green energy as it doesn’t emit CO2. But I hesitated to call it renewable energy though, because, you know, tidal waves are powered by moon momentum, which is finally not renewable.

Question to physicists/astronomers: by slowing down tidal waves, what is the effect on moon momentum:

  1. Slowing down tidal waves reduces the strain the waves create on the moon. The moon looses less kinetic energy, it slows down less than without.
  2. Taking energy out of tides takes kinetic energy from the moon. It slows down.

But who said the sun is renewable. So I think I should stop nitpicking terms and just accept that “renewable energy” is a good layman term.

Dr. Megavolt wrote about his journey from physics PhD to pissing on the ground stake of a tesla coil at Burningman

Dr. Megavolt – a guy with a metal birdcage over his head getting zapped by a 1.000.000 Volt Tesla Coil on top of a truck at Burning Man. Also known as Dr. Austin Richards. His homepage: drmegavolt.com. He wrote a compelling story about how he became Dr. Megavolt, who co-created the act with him, trouble and joy they had, eventual break ups and hick-ups, and the ongoing joy he gets out of it.

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