ISWC2005 trip: Sunday, 6. November 2005

The day of the first Semantic Desktop workshop. My first glance of the community I live and work in.
attendees at the semdesk workshop

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I had an intensive day, Stefan did much of the organizing, Jack Park organized the social event and Brian helped also very much. The day worked and we had an ignition of the community. Especially the social event in the evening and the poster session brought people together.
Here a pic from the poster session
get together at the poster session

here a pic from the social event:
social event semdeskws2005

We had much work preparing this workshop, but in the end every hour was worth it. I first met Jack Park and was surprised what a positive person he is.

In the night, I was last man standing at the bar, together with two other austrians and a german guy, many beers, many good conversations. more about this day in a seperate blog entry.