gave a talk on Semantic Desktop for e-learning, and another tomorrow

yesterday I gave a talk on Semantic Desktop in e-learning scenarios.
At the “e-learning day der TU Kaiserslautern”

It was a short presentation and a little demo, and although I have a cold, Martin Memmel said it was a good talk. That was a nice thing to hear, because I never know if my talks are good or not. What kind of quality function can you use anyway?

He also made this photo of me:
Giving a talk

Tomorrow I will give a talk on Semantic Desktop as such at a Semantic Web Congress at Darmstadt’s ZGDV, and I am looking forward to do this because the other presenters are quite famous. One hacker you might know is Benjamin Nowack, others are CEOs of SemWeb companies in Germany like Hans-Peter Schnurr or Holger Rath, and there are many interesting speakers about applied Semantic Web.