Talking about Semantic Desktop at ZGDV’s Congress

Today I gave a talk in Darmstadt’s ZGDV Institute, at the 3rd Semantic Web Congress. Hugo Kopanitsak organizes these events and managed to get an interesting round of speakers for this event.

Update: slides are for download here, Benjamin Nowack inspired me to put them online, thx.

Here is the homepage:

I gave a talk about Semantic Desktop, and as I was the last speaker, I tried to keep it short because all of the previous speakers managed to sum up some minutes of delay.

The audience was filled with people from industry and government, hungry for Semantic Web. Here are two pictures of my audience:
my audience
my audience

And here is Hans-Peter Schnurr from Ontoprise, a picture I had to “gimp” up a little (a coffe cup was to the lower left and the light had to be corrected for the beamer vs Hans-Peter, luckily Sven Schwarz taught me how to do this on The Great Escape :-).
Hans-Peter Schnurr

And Benjamin Nowack
Benjamin Nowack

Benjamin made more pics of my talk with his digicam, we will probably see them soon.