iTunes gone wrong

I put a newly bought audio-cd “Dendemann-Die Pfütze des Eisbergs” into my iBook drive, to listen and rip it with iTunes. That is the main application of iTunes – right?

What happens:

  • iTunes blocks and then hangs and fucks up. Great!
  • ok, pressing F12 (the key to eject cd on iBooks) does nothing. So it fucked up the OS
  • closing iTunes via alt+apple-esc (=ctrlaltdelete). cd still eaten
  • ok, this machine is stuck, I’ll reboot and blog on then…
  • oh! rebooting doesn’t work because the f*** cd driver seems to be hacked directly to the kernel or however they did it, I had to hard-reset the machine (basically, pulling the power chord)

So, after rebooting I wisely

  • close iTunes
  • put in the CD
  • wait till this event of putting the CD in the slot starts iTunes, then
  • iTunes asks me if I want to rip this CD, which I want
  • and then it works

great! everythings so easy today.

R U serious I have to ask – or are you intentionally f***** it up so that I have to buy the music at the iTunes music store? (which is ok, but then I suddenly think about Audiograbber and Winamp…)