SOA = Software Oriented Architecture (ah, web 3.0)

What is SOA? Software oriented architecture! That is a accidentially mixed up meaning of the acronym just said in a talk of a speaker at this years “Akademische Jahresfeier” at the TU Kaiserslautern.

“service oriented architecture” is the buzzword that really drives the techies at the moment, but often software oriented architecture is the outcome.

But the speaker looks into the future and his talk is very good. semantic web is the next thing, web 2.0 is it, web of things, international communication, business software is at the beginning of a Kondratiev cycle, etc. Nice overview. flattering was a slide that linked to Nepomuk and the article by technology review about me.

here is a moblog pic from that slide, pointly before the talk ends (yes nokia e70 makes the moblogger extatic)