Ufos attack Hoax Art – Artist survives

Did you see the video of UFOs floating over Haiti? If not, enjoy it now:

(original video here)

The artist behind, Barzolff, a professional french movie-artist (worked with Michel Gondry), links now to hoax art.

HOAX is an art
UFO hoax is the symbol of hoax art
Hoax Art movement was created with a network of artists, graphic designers and writers in 2007

The principles of this movement are simple :
– question reality
– create the best artifical reality with graphic creation, media strategy and network
– identify artificial creation in “officiel” images (ex : errased fat on french president Sarkosi)
– contaminate reality image with hoax as an artistic posture
– ultimatly create a absolutely new way to bring artwork in the public’s home

Which in turn goes to Realitism:

REALITISM : artistic and philosophical movement at the root of this questionning of reality. This movement can gather all artists and people interested in this subject.

I would love to quesiton reality more, the skills of these guys are so high, its cunning to seem them work.