resetting windows 7 file permissions for bliss

Weird errors when copying files? Do svn commits not work anymore? “Unable to move file”? I am using Windows 7 and NTFS, and my filesystem is quite weird. I copied my files from another windows machine using cygwin and rsync and this (-a) tried to preserve as much security details as possible. In the end, it fucked up my NTFS permissions in most folders with permissions for some {9898234234-234234234-23423432} users or “none”.

Anyway, there are plenty of ways how you can fuck up Windows file permissions. All I wished was my folders to NOT have any permissions BUT the inherited permissions from the parent folder. Btw, this is where ext2 really sucks for me, that you can’t have inheritance in the user:group and access rights. I often wished that when setting up shared folders for samba. I wanted to reset the permissions to the default access rights any folder in my Windows documents directory has. Looking at the zillions-of-popup-windows-on-top-of-each-other-unintuitive-user-interface to change file permissions, I googled for help. And, luckily, found the command line to reset windows NTFS file permissions of a folder to that of the parent folder:

icacls your_bad_folder /reset /t

use this command inside the parent-folder, the your_bad_folder is the folder giving you trouble.