iconography gone astray

whats that icon about?

iconography gone wrong - wo bitte gehts zum rechteck mit kreisen....

The one to the right. You surely know, or have a great idea what courageous people will find at the end of this road…

click picture, comment there!

ms dewey

a usesless search engine that looks pretty.


then again, I could just go to search for “axe feather”…. and then three girls require my attention, Ms Dewey, the feather and the lady that beats me if I don’t close the laptop pretty soon.

man ray.

it has never been my object to record my dreams, just to realize them.

-man ray-

and thats why man ray is cool and I am not. I just dream all day long or read books.

found here:

while a longer travel through flickr after searching for photos needed to illustrate powerpoints for this talk I have to give… when you take your time, work can be relaxing.

also click this pic, I can’t embed it here due to restricted copyright.

bringing things together

A way of social metadata and data integration: tagging by humans.

If you have a photo of somebody holding a camera, that somebody may also have uploaded that photo, which can be tagged to your photo. Now If you again take a photo of someone else…

Here a nice example how a chain can be started. Note the great idea of tagging the related photos by notes on the camera:


(all rights reserved on that one, cannot blog it directly, click link)

about remembering


I can remeber these words, since roughly 12 years. What they are, find it out yourself. But I can’t remember Aspect oriented Programming or the names of my colleagues.

dammn it, we need a whole new way of e-learning.

broadcast your podcast – byp

Something we would have needed for the iTrip Disco!



BYP enables and encourages podcasters to break out of the net and into local radio space.

BYP offers podcasters the chance to transmit their podcasts on FM. BYP units are handmade FM transmitters made by BYP following the circuit design of micro radio pioneer Tetsuo Kogawa. By connecting a BYP unit to your computer or mp3 player podcasts can be transmitted on FM to your neighbourhood.


spam poetry – wife you say?

e-mail spam, who doesn’t know them.

while deleting the spam in my dfki-work inbox, this e-mail survived the 10milliseconds of fame and made it here:
subject: Re: jovedVzlAGRA
… [some viagra price list now] …
… [a web link i won’t place here and I would never click]….

and then a personal note from the spammer:
wife you say? Can anything be done about that? Let me think-yes-
something can be done. Out there, in those so-called civilized planets
nothing could be done. Here it can. For I am Svinjar – and Svinjar can

I can really learn from him.
Here it can!!!! For He is Svinjar, Svinjar the Spammer!!! He, not from the civilized planets, but from “there”, where HE can!

For I am Svinjar – and Svinjar can. Could say that forever.

Luckily I believe in Jesus, and not investing my illegally earned spamming revenue in hallucinogenic drugs to write weird messages in my spam. Hey, Viagra sellers – you hire morons to make your mass e-mails, ever thought about that your money invested in spam marketing is going to Svinjar?

clothes for burning man

Last weekend Ingrid and I have gone on a shopping tour to Strasbourg, getting some clothes for ourselves, and especially for Burningman.

The goal was a nice suite for mr Luther Blisset, chair of the INCONSISDENT 2006 conference, and a Bikini for the Lady, which will serve as a basis for flowers that will be sewed on there.

shopping loot from strasbourg

Clickr on the flickr picr and watch the notes there by pushing your mouse across the pic. We have to buy these clothes for Luther Blisset, who will chair the INCONSISDENT, hope this somehow works.

And yes, I wrote some more notes on the wikitravel page of Strasbourg, for the next shopper after us.