Fluffiness – a word for the inverse of density

What is the inverse of density? As we didn’t have a word, we found “fluffiness” is an appropriate word for the inverse of density.

How is “fluffiness” defined?

fluffiness = Volume (liters) / Weight (kg)

Therefore we define that water has a fluffiness of roughly 1.

What can YOU do with fluff?

Use it in scientific dialogues. “Is lead more fluffy than gold?” is a much more appropriate way to ask compared to “is gold more dense than lead?”

Take the scientific corpus about density and inverse it and publish it as papers about the scientific properties of fluffiness.

Correct articles you find. Example: “Solar radiation pressure could only cause enough acceleration if ‘Oumuamua were exceptionally light, about 1,000 times fluffier than a typical asteroid”

Translate it.

German: noun: Fluffigkeit; adjective: Luft ist fluffiger als Wasser.

Credit: today’s lunchbreak with scientific minds at route planning app portatour.com.